New selfie taken 2/11/17
New selfie taken 2/11/17

About me

Hi I'm Jen. I am 49, currently living in Beaver, Pennsylvania. I have a cat, Lucy. I had to unfortunately make the decision to put my other cat to sleep the end of May 2017. I quit my corporate job March 2017 in order to pursue a lifelong dream of mine to start my own business. I opened up a retail Candy Store in York, SC. The name of the store was Life After Lemons Candy Store.  Unfortunately, the store had too many lemons and location issue for foot traffic, so I closed it March 2018. I moved back to Pennsylvania in April 2018. I've been working again in the corporate world and love it. I will still pursue my candy business, but on the side for now.

I grew up on a farm in a small town in Western Pennsylvania. The house I grew up in no longer exists, it was torn down in 2013 when we moved my parents to an apartment. That place held some  good memories and some bad memories.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Management with a minor in Quantitative Business Analysis. I went back to school later in life for my Master's Degree. I ended up graduating with my Master's Degree 20 years after my Bachelor's. My Master's Degree is in Organizational Studies with concentrations in both Employee Relations and Leadership. All my degrees are through Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh/Moon Township PA.

I am a cancer survivor. I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma, went through chemo and radiation treatments, while still working full time. Working helped keep my brain busy and me positive during the process. Otherwise I would have let my mind go to the bad places.

I am divorced. After 20 years of marriage, 24 years together, I decided to divorce my ex. It was a long time coming. But it was the best decision for both of us. I left him in September 2012 and the divorce was final May 2013.

In 2014, I decided to quit a good job I had in Pennsylvania and relocate to North Carolina without having any job leads. This was my fresh start. A lot of people expect me to fail at life, but I'm to stubborn to listen to them anymore. Even though I ended up coming back home to Pennsylvania 3 years later, moving away was one of the best decisions I ever made. It allowed me to find myself and to be independent. It allowed me to discover who I truly am without others telling me who they think I am. It made me stronger mentally.

There are so many other things about me that I have gone through in life, you will read about them in the blogs I post. When I write these blogs they are not to knock down those who may have hurt me or caused the horrible memories, it is to show you how I got through them and if I can do it so can you. These blogs represent feelings I had at the time.

Some important things you need to know about me, I am a big believer in three things: 1) Everything happens for a reason; 2) I would not go back and change any part of my life because there is no guarantee that I would be happier and trust me I am truly happy with my life right now and; 3) Family is those who have been there through the storms with me. I have a lot of friends who are family to me.

Please enjoy reading about my journey to find happiness and peace.